We may have to wait until next year for the first MCU show to appear on Disney+, but there’s one show about heroes that’s hitting the new streaming platform right away, and it is more than worth watching. 

That show is Marvel’s Hero Project. Each episode of this reality show-meets-docuseries showcases a child who is doing incredible work in the real world. But don’t let the subjects’ age fool you — the show isn’t just for kids.

As the (admittedly overused) saying goes, not all heroes wear capes. And this show will certainly remind you of that fact. In about 25 minutes, each episode introduces viewers to a remarkable child, shows the work they are doing in the world, and goes behind the scenes as the Marvel Comics team creates a comic book inspired by that child. I won’t go too in-depth and spoil these wonderful stories, but the show certainly does a great job of highlighting a diverse group of young people who support a variety of important causes, ranging from blindness and limb differences to fighting child abuse.

Overall, the show is packed with inspiration, positive energy, and emotion that is sure to send a majority of viewers reaching for the tissues at least once per episode. Those who love Marvel will enjoy the comic book aspect of the show, but this is certainly a show for everyone to enjoy — no previous Marvel experience required.

hero project

There are some scenes in each episode that take place at the Marvel offices, when the team discusses the style and plot for each child’s comic. While the insider look at Marvel HQ is fun for fans, these scenes can feel very contrived. They are, in my opinion, the show’s weakest point. However, their purpose is clear and understandable: Scenes like these come with the territory of this TV genre. 

While you won’t catch any crazy green-screen effects (just fun graphics!) or alien super villains in this series, you will find the heart and courage that drives every true Marvel hero. You’ll finish each episode inspired to do more to leave your mark on the world, which I think makes for a successful series.

Marvel’s Hero Project consists of 20 episodes in its first season, with a new episode dropping each Friday on Disney+.

Photos: Disney