Head back to your childhood with Zavvi’s exclusive Rugrats collection. | Source: Zavvi

Angelica Pickles tried to warn us when she said, “getting old is nothing but misery and woe.” Adulthood has its perks, though — at least now we can spend our hard-earned cash on all the Rugrats merch our hearts desire without having to beg our parents for a ride to the mall.

Online retailer Zavvi launched an exclusive collection of Rugrats apparel and home goods to bring Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, and the rest of the not-so-dumb babies together again. The ’90s-inspired Nickelodeon merch includes a sweatshirt, a varsity jacket, T-shirts, mugs, an insulated water bottle, a coaster set, fleece blankets, a pillow, a tote bag, and a makeup bag.

Cozy up with these Reptar fleece blankets. | Source: Zavvi

We know that Reptar loves the limelight from his stint in Reptar on Ice, and the fierce dinosaur takes the spotlight in this collection with two different fleece blanket designs. One features a pink-and-white tie-dye backdrop with a jumbo Reptar bursting through a heart and the other features smaller, floating Reptars over a backdrop of pastel pink dinosaur scales. They’re not that large, measuring about 38 by 45 inches, but they’re velvety soft and make a great throw for the end of your bed or on the couch. Word to the wise: You can’t tumble dry them, so don’t drop your Reptar bars! It’s too bad that the pink blankets don’t match the pillow in the collection, but the pillow, the tote bag, and the make-up bag all share the same blue-and-white, watercolor backdrop to tie those three items together.

Pour yourself a cup or two in these 10-ounce mugs. | Source: Zavvi

You can never have too many mugs (although my kitchen cupboards beg to differ), and these colorful, 10-ounce options make early mornings a little brighter. Zavvi’s styles include a Reptar-riddled graphic that says “RAWR” and a funky, rainbow-splashed backdrop with Tommy, Chuckie, and Angelica layered over bubble-lettered words and phrases. The graphics on the rainbow mug overlap a little too much, making it difficult to decipher what the phrases actually say, but it still makes a cute and flashy desk accessory.

There’s also an insulated, metal water bottle with Angelica-inspired doodles on it, including her face, crowns, ice cream cones, banners that say “sorry, not sorry,” and candy hearts that say “nope” and “get real.” I like that you have to remove the entire lid to drink out of it because I can’t stand water bottles with built-in sippy straws. Plus, this one is much easier to clean. The water bottle is way more silver in person (it appears white on the website), making it harder to see the doodles clearly on the shiny surface. Like the mugs, the graphics don’t wrap all the way around the bottle, leaving a gap of blank space between where they begin and end.

Say cheese! The whole squad makes an appearance in Zavvi’s Rugrats apparel. | Source: Zavvi

The clothing is my favorite part of the collection, with nostalgic designs that bring back all the Rugrats memories. I especially love the white sweatshirt and the acid wash T-shirt dress that have the whole gang cheesing inside a Polaroid-style photo frame. The sizing is a little unpredictable, though. I got a size large in the men’s sweatshirt (thinking it would be oversized) and a medium in the dress, and they both ended up being more fitted than I expected, so size up if you’re on the fence. There’s also a black-and-gray unisex varsity jacket with the Rugrats logo on the chest and an outlined doodle of Tommy and Chuckie running away from Reptar on the back.

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Everything in the collection is under $50, making it affordable to get your Rugrats fix just in time to catch an episode of the Paramount+ reboot premiering on May 27, starring the original voice cast. While the new series might not hold up to the original, at least Reptar’s got your back this time — literally. Shop the full collection here.

Use the code “POPINSIDER20” for 20% off all clothing and “POPINSIDER10” for 10% off sitewide (exclusions apply), valid until Dec. 31.