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Netflix has a growing repertoire of showrunners, creators, and upcoming projects under its belt. As the streaming service continues to expand its coverage, the platform acquired the rights to the upcoming science fiction novel, Recursion.

With a new television and film franchise helmed by the great Shonda Rhimes and Matt Reeves, a new feature film and TV universe are in the works.

Blake Crouch’s book, to be published by Crown next year, follows a scientist who invents a new technology that allows people to relive their memories and even reinvent them, which could uphend the world.

“I have been a fan of Shonda’s and Matt’s work going back years. To have these titans of television and film working on something of mine is an incredible honor, and Netflix is the pitch-perfect home for people who want to adapt film and TV in the most innovative way possible,” Crouch told The Hollywood Reporter.

Rhimes and her Shondaland network of shows recently left her prior home base of ABC for Netflix, with eight new series currently in development for the streaming platform.

“Projects like this are why I came to Netflix,” Rhimes told The Hollywood Reporter. “The opportunity to explore a multigenre universe in innovative ways is extremely exciting. Matt and Blake both have the tremendous ability to build compelling characters and imaginative landscapes, and I am thrilled to work alongside them.”

Alongside Rhimes and her TV expertise to handle the new television franchise, the filmmaker behind Fox’s Planet of the Apes reboot, Reeves also joined the platform with a first-look deal with his 6th & Idaho studio.

“Blake’s mind-bending novel presents an incredible opportunity to explore its expansive narrative simultaneously through both film and television,” Reeves told The Hollywood Reporter. “Netflix is uniquely suited for this ambitious undertaking, and I can’t imagine a more exciting partner than the astonishingly talented Shonda Rhimes, whose work I have admired for years.”

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