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The deceptive social media reality TV show The Circle is coming to Netflix. The show first launched on September 18 in the UK, where it aired for 21 days, ending with the live finale on October 8.

The premise of the UK show is that the players live in a block of flats in London, but each in his or her own apartment, so the contestants will never meet face-to-face. Their only form of communication is a specially designed app, where other players will rate them based on the social media portrayal they concoct for themselves. They can be truthful in their social media profile, or they can be anyone they want to be, using fake pictures and a fake personality. Each episode, the players can block (eliminate) someone based on who they liked the least. The last one standing wins money.

The idea is to craft a social media profile that will generate the most likes and followers among your fellow players. It’s a sort of Black Mirror-esque social experiment that makes viewers question the authenticity of social media, and what makes someone likable online.

Netflix commissioned three different versions of the show for three different countries, including an American version. The other two countries have not been announced yet. Let the catfishing begin!

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