Every year, hundreds of thousands of full-grown adults grab their wallets full of cash and flock to comic conventions across the country. These superfans dress up and stand in lines for hours on end to scoop up every single exclusive Funko! Pop they can possibly get their hands on, play a 10-minute demo of a new video game, snap photos of the latest LEGO sets, and meet their favorite actors.

Here’s the thing: Reading comics isn’t lame, it’s cool. Watching every science-fiction series available is not shameful, it’s mainstream. In short, geek is chic—and we are here for it.

Pop culture fanatics are loyal AF and they aren’t afraid to tell the world through branded emojis, pet bandanas, special-edition beer, pop-up books, makeup brushes, backpacks, jewelry, and just about any other product you can think of. They want to wear their fandom loud and proud. They want to experience their favorite brands IRL through concerts, amusement parks, and meet-and-greets. They want the coolest and most limited-edition artwork and collectible figures. And of course, they want to be the first to know and own every single thing that’s coming out—that’s where we come in.

For the last 13 years, the Toy Insider told grown-ups which hot toys and games to buy for their kids. Then we thought, “Wait, what about us?” Toys aren’t just for kids! Our squad is full of self-proclaimed geeks, and we crave the chance to write about our favorite fandoms—from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones to Miyazaki films. And so, the Pop Insider was born. We’re here to keep you up-to-date on all the latest collectibles, toys, games, entertainment news, and more. Let us fuel your fandom!

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