Jimi Hendrix, Stan Lee, Optimus Prime, and K.I.T.T. are clamoring for shelf space. | Source: Funko/Beast Kingdom/LEGO/Playmobil/the Pop Insider

We’re officially past the halfway mark for the year and that means that it’s probably time to do a little rearranging. So get out that can of Pledge and start dusting and polishing while making some room on your collectibles shelves — you’re about to be inspired to score some new acquisitions.

From incredible prop replicas (Batarang!), noble busts (Hey, Destro!), and action figures (Black Adam!) to construction sets (Roll Out!), retro rides (K.I.T.T., I need ya buddy!), and coins (do they take Republic Credits?), this list of killer collectibles is sure to fuel your fandom!