Overtone “Black White and Wicked” Hair Conditioning Product Modeling | Source: Overtone

No, the Devil doesn’t wear Prada: She wears black, white, and sometimes red. 

And, darling, you should too — just in time for the premiere of Disney’s new live-action movie Cruella! Embark on a fierce fashion wonderland of midi skirts, evening dresses, Crocs (yes, Crocs), jewelry, and more, all inspired by Disney’s iconic monochromatic villain. Don’t worry: Nothing is made from Dalmatian fur.

We rounded up some of our favorite wicked apparel, accessories, and goodies to revamp wardrobes and lewks: Because looking good is better than being good.

Cruella will debut in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access (for a $29.99 fee) on May 28.