The horror genre can never have too many monsters, but let’s take a moment to remember where the original monsters came from. Universal Pictures made movie magic by cementing the Universal Monsters in pop culture history beginning with Dracula in 1931. Now, Jada Toys is celebrating some of the most iconic Universal Monsters of all time with the launch of Universal Monsters Action Figures.

The first wave features four iconic monsters — Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Bride of Frankenstein, and Creature from the Black Lagoon — and not since the beginning of time has the world beheld terror like this! Each 6-inch figure features more than 20 points of articulation and comes with character-specific accessories, multiple heads, and multiple hands to fully embody each monster.

Let’s take a closer look at each figure and the movie that inspired it!

Universal Monsters Dracula 6-inch Scale Action Figure

Children of the night, stake your claim to this frightful figure of the immortal Lord of the Vampires! Universal Pictures released Dracula in 1931, starring Béla Lugosi as the blood-sucking terror himself. Did you know that a musical score wasn’t added to the classic film until 1998? Jada Toys brings the undead vampire alive with a flowing cape, bat and candelabra accessories, two sets of hands, and two interchangeable head options — one with fangs bared and ready for action. ($24.99, available for preorder here)

Universal Monsters Frankenstein 6-inch Scale Action Figure

He lives! He walks! He sees! The Frankenstein film debuted in 1931, starring Boris Karloff as Dr. Frankenstein’s monstrous creation. Karloff was unbilled in the opening credits, with a question mark used in place of his name — following a theatrical tradition of billing the monster without a name. However, Karloff’s name is unveiled in the closing credits. Jada Toys’ collectible monster features two sets of shackles as accessories, two sets of hands in different positions, and two interchangeable head options — one with a terrifying grimace. ($24.99, available for preorder here)

Universal Monsters Bride of Frankenstein 6-inch Scale Action Figure

Bride of Frankenstein led the way as the first of many Frankenstein sequels, debuting in 1935 with Elsa Lanchester playing both Mary Shelley (the author of the Frankenstein novel, published in 1818) and the Bride. Jada Toys’ version of the Bride features a bandaged body with a removable dress, chain accessories, two sets of hands, and two interchangeable head options — one with a deathly stare and the other with a twisted scream. ($24.99, available for preorder here)

Universal Monsters Creature from the Black Lagoon 6-inch Scale Action Figure

From the Amazon’s forbidden depths came the Creature from the Black Lagoon, debuting in 1954 with Ben Chapman playing the Creature on land and Ricou Browning playing the Creature in underwater scenes. It was one of the first Universal films that was originally filmed in 3D. The Creature action figure from Jada Toys comes with a net, a weapon accessory, two interchangeable head options, and two sets of hands (including one skeletal hand just like the one that prompted the geological expedition to the Amazon in the movie). ($24.99, available for preorder here)

The figures are available for preorder now at Entertainment Earth, and Jada Toys has plans to release figures of The Invisible Man and The Wolf Man later this year.