Immersive Gamebox’s newest game features Netflix’s Squid Game. | Source: The Pop Insider

Have you ever wanted to actually play Squid Game? If your answer is yes, you’re in luck. 

The mega-popular South Korean Netflix show Squid Game swept the world last year, shocking viewers with its depiction of players risking their lives by competing in a series of dangerous games for an enormous cash prize. The obsession triggered multiple product collaborations with brands including Blackmilk and Casetify, but we could never really play the game. Until now.  

Immersive Gamebox, a group video-game platform, has teamed up with the series to bring the show’s premise to life. (Well, not the more violent aspects.) The concept is pretty simple — in teams of up to five players, you must work your way through each of the six games from the show in order to receive a “cash prize” at the end. (To be clear, there isn’t an actual prize at the end, but the cash amount serves as your score at the end of the game.)

The entire game takes place in a virtual box. With motion tracking, projection mapping, touch screens, and surround sound, it truly feels like you’re taking part in the competitions from the show. 

Each mistake you make — whether that be accidentally carving outside the lines of your dalgona or getting attacked by an opponent in the eponymous Squid Game — causes some of the 456 “players” to die. Of course, this isn’t the real Squid Game, so your mistakes aren’t actually inflicting harm. Rather, the number goes down every time you do something wrong. I presume it’s game over if the player count hits zero, but thankfully ours never did.

To get started, your team will enter the immersive box. Each player must put on a colored visor with a motion-tracking attachment on top — your color visor corresponds to your player color in the actual game. Once you’re strapped in, the game begins. 

Working in the game order from the show, players cycle through the six games: Red Light, Green Light; Dalgona; Tug of War; Marbles; The Glass Tile Game; and Squid Game. Each game utilizes the walls and floor around you. For instance, with Red Light, Green Light, you must jump from a circle on the floor to another circle on the floor without the doll catching you moving. In Marbles, players use the side walls to digitally aim and launch marbles into the center wall. Every player gets a chance to try all six games — Some are played independently, while others are a team effort.

Although the stakes aren’t real, this game definitely feels as intense — or almost as intense — as the actual show. Our team struggled through the first few games. It definitely is as hard as it looks on TV! But after a couple of rounds, we got the hang of it and were actually able to win some “prize money” that went towards our score. 

The game features images from the Netflix show, such as the Front Man’s mask. | Source: The Pop Insider

For me, the best part of the experience was getting to see aspects of the show in person. As someone who binge-watched the entire show in less than a week, it was cool to be able to play out some of the scenarios that I watched my favorite characters go through. Of course, we get the better end of the deal — with no repercussions, we can play the game AND have a good time. Fans will also appreciate the Squid Game Easter eggs, such as the Front Man’s masked face, the piggy bank, and the images of spiraling stairs that preface Immersive Gamebox’s game. 

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With Immersive Gamebox locations all across the United States and even in the United Kingdom, it’s easy for fans to check out this experience. If your curiosity is killing you, you can purchase tickets for $39.99 on to see if you can survive the night. Good luck!