Quick! Someone call The Daily Planet! We’ve got a league of superheroes in town that the world needs to know about.

We all need a good hero every now and then, and the Justice League has some solid ones to stand alongside. Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Superman, The Flash—all our favorites join forces in the new Justice League film. Now, fans can take home that movie magic for their own dose of superhero power with the coolest toys the Justice League has to offer. Up, up, and away!

Ultimate Justice League Batmobile (Mattel)

This premium Batmobile is the Rolls Royce of remote-controlled cars. Scratch that—it’s way cooler than a Rolls Royce. Bring the Dark Knight’s epic ride to life with real-life features such as smoke releasing from the exhaust pipe, moving missiles on the hood of the car, roaring engine sounds, and a special “jump mode” feature that elevates the Batmobile with hydraulic-like movement. It comes with a Batman figure that has an impressive full body movement like a foot that presses the gas pedal, an arm that shifts gears, and a turning head, and includes a camera in the cockpit so users can actually drive through Batman’s POV on the connected app via any smart phone or tablet. Holy smokes, Batman!

DC Comics Justice League Pop! Figures (Funko)

Prepare for battle with these collectible Pop! figures, available in Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, Superman, and Batman. Clocking in at under 4 inches tall, the adorable vinyl figures are incredibly detailed and styled after the actors in the Justice League film, such as Jason Momoa as Aquaman. These heroes are ready for action, equipped with swords, tridents, helmets, and headgear, all in their iconic costumes from the movie. Victory will be ours!

Nano Metalfigs Nano Scene (Jada Toys)

Step inside the Batcave with this awesome diorama Nano Scene set. Batman’s secret lair is the perfect hideaway, with a light-up Bat symbol on the floor, an opening garage door, and metallic paint detailing. It comes with two exclusive Batman and Robin figures and can hold up to 24 Nano MetalFigs so pick up the Batphone because the whole squad is invited! Other Nano MetalFigs include Wonder Woman, Parademon, Cyborg, The Flash, Superman, Supergirl, Aquaman, Lex Luthor, and more, so fans can collect them all. But beware, some villians might come a knockin’… but they’ll be no match for the Justice League!

Justice League Cyborg Gauntlet Blaster (Mattel)

Half human, half machine, Cyborg is the perfect superhero for the digital age. Fans can armor up to be their own version of Victor Stone’s Cyborg with his super cool gauntlet blaster, as seen in the new movie. All they have to do is slide the gauntlet on their arms to fire the projectiles. Enemies, beware, you have no fighting chance against Cyborg!

DC Comics Deluxe Costume Role Play Set (Imagine Toys)

It doesn’t need to be Halloween for kids to dress up as their favorite superheroes. These costume tops come with printed muscle chest shirts, masks, and detachable capes so little ones can dress up as Batman, Superman, and The Flash. They’re easy enough for kids to throw on with their jeans to instantly transform into their favorite characters almost as fast as The Flash can create a sonic boom with the snap of his fingers. I could really use a new winter cape; does it come in my size?

This was originally published on the Toy Insider.