Friends x RSVLTS collection | Source: RSVLTS

Could we *be* any more excited for new Friends-themed merch?

To celebrate International Friendship Day on Saturday, July 30, Warner Bros. Discovery is kicking off a week’s worth of celebration inspired by Friends. Friends Fan Week 2022 will be filled with social media contests and giveaways, binge-worthy marathons on TV, and new products for yourself and your BFFs.

First up, the WB Shop has launched new Friends-themed products, including apparel, accessories, and home goods. Items include a “Pivot!” embroidered hat and pillow, a snow globe of the iconic fountain from the opening credits, shirts with phrases like “How you Doin?” and “What if I don’t want to be a shoe?” and more.

Soon, fans will be able to add three new Friends-inspired Loungefly accessories to their collections. The Front Door Mini Backpack features details that recreate the outside of Apartment 20, including a door that actually opens to an adorable print of all of the main characters inside; a Couch Zip Around Wallet that has embroidered details and a print on the inside; and the Central Perk Mug Figural Crossbody Bag, which is shaped like a Central Perk mug that is actually coffee-scented! Stay up-to-date with Loungefly on when these items will be available for purchase.

Whodunnit — Friends style! Tomorrow, July 26, The Op will release Clue: Friends, aka “The One with the Secrets.” Two to six players will have to figure out what secret is being kept, who reveals it, and where it is revealed. Secrets include that Joey was a Japanese lipstick model and that Rachel still has feelings for Ross with locations like Central Perk and both Apartments 19 and 20. The game will be up for sale for $44.95 at The Op’s online store.

Friends x RSVLTS collection | Source: Warner Bros. Discovery

Get ready to wear your Friends fandom loud and proud with a new, three-piece collection from RSVLTS. The button-down shirts are available in both men and women’s styles, including an icon print, a scrapbook compilation, and a lobster-y ode. The collection will launch tomorrow, July 26, at 4 p.m. ET on RSVLTS’ website.

In addition, something is brewing for Friends fans! An upcoming Central Perk-themed launch is being teased, so sign up here to be one of the first to get details. And, if you’re looking for even more merch, check out the dedicated Friends Fan Week Amazon page for even more products, including items from Funko, PopSockets, and more.

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Want even more to celebrate? Scroll down below to see what else is in store for Friends Fan Week 2022!

  • Daily contests and product giveaways from the Friends (@Friends) and Warner Bros. (@WBStyle) social media handles. Stay on the lookout for new Instagram and TikTok filters, Giphy stickers, and more.
  • On Instagram and TikTok, join the #FriendsFanWeek video challenge by posting a Friends-inspired video for a chance to be featured on one of the Friends social media channels.
  • Check out The Friends Experience in New York, Denver, or Toronto for a day of interactive fun. The experience features 12 rooms and activations, including Monica’s kitchen and the sofa pivot, perfect for photo ops. In celebration of Friends Fan Week, The Friends Experience (@friendstheexperience) will host an online giveaway on Instagram beginning today and offer a promotion of 15% off on July 30.
  • Watch Friends: The Reunion special and binge all 236 episodes of the series on HBO Max. 
  • Every night on Nick @ Nite from July 25-31, look for the on-screen multiple choice trivia questions to answer before the time runs out. Fans can also enter to win passes for The Friends Experience in New York.
  • TBS will air back-to-back episodes all week long this week for the “Best of Friends Marathon” to celebrate International Friendship Day.  Throughout the week, fans will answer TBS Instagram polls to determine fans’ favorite Friends duo, resulting in the curated batch of episodes airing on International Friendship Day.