The lovable red panda is coming to your phone screen!

Earlier this week, Sanrio unveiled a partnership with gaming platform MomentSQ for a brand-new game based on the global Netflix phenomenon Aggretsuko Retsuko. Now, you can bring all things Retsuko to real life in this interactive story game.

This launch marks the first official interactive story game based on Aggretsuko. In a player-driven narrative, fans will get to influence the story based on their own choices in a format similar to an instant messaging app.  Unveil that beloved red panda’s hidden world as players make friends with Gori, Washimi, and the whole squad, plus experience the death-metal life and times of Retsuko in each episode. Each player’s main objective is to evolve their character’s friendship to play a key role in the crew. Talk about BFF goals!

New episodes will be available for purchase as they are released in the upcoming weeks.

Aggretsuko on MomentSQ is currently available to download via the Apple App Store, and it’s coming to the Google Play Store soon.

Photo: Sanrio