Source: Alex & Ani/The Pop Insider

Oy with the poodles already!

The latest Alex and Ani bracelet collection is a must-have for anyone who wishes they could grab coffee at Luke’s, spend a day roaming the halls of Chilton, or enjoy a quiet weekend at the Dragonfly Inn.

There are five new, Gilmore Girls-inspired bracelets available, each paying tribute to a different element of the popular show.

The fanciest item in the line is a set of three beaded stretch bracelets ($89), pictured above. It has similar vibes to the bracelets Emily gets Rory for her 16th birthday in Season 1 and features a charm that says “I <3 Gilmore Girls,” but with a sunflower in place of the heart.

Next, there is a multi-charm bracelet for $49, which is an homage to Rory and Lorelai’s beloved Stars Hollow. It has a dragonfly charm (for the inn) and a charm shaped like the town gazebo with “Stars Hollow” written on it. The remaining three charms are colorful Swarovski crystals.

The final three bracelets are the signature Alex and Ani charm bangle style, which cost $39 each. There’s a gold bracelet with a Luke’s coffee mug charm (pictured above), a silver bracelet with a Life and Death Brigade “In Omnia Paratus” charm, and a silver bracelet with the Chilton crest on a blue, banner-shaped charm.

Fans can shop this entire line now at! Copper boom!