Gamers enjoying the Couchcade | Source: Arcade1Up/the Pop Insider

Arcade1Up is here to make nostalgic gaming as comfortable as possible!

The company — known for its scaled arcade cabinets, Countercades, gaming tables, and other retro gaming products — has introduced a new way for video game lovers to enjoy their fave arcade throwbacks at home. Say hello to Couchcade, a console that looks like a lap desk but offers comfy, big-screen arcade gameplay.

Couchcade setup and wireless control deck | Source: Arcade1Up

The new device is easy to set up, with a Micro Game Console that connects to any TV via an HDMI cord. The accompanying wireless control deck is battery-powered, has a 30-foot gameplay range, and features all of the real-feel arcade controls needed for an all-out retro experience, including a joystick, action buttons, and the options for one-player or two-player gaming. The bottom of the control deck is made of a soft bean bag to fit comfortably in players’ laps and features a built-in carrying handle. Basically, your TV turns into the arcade cabinet screen as you sit with the control panel on your lap.

Couchcade game screen | Source: Arcade1Up

While the first Couchcade is designed with a Pac-Man theme, that’s not the only game that comes with this console. Players can power up their nostalgia with Pac-Man and Pac-Mania, dig up some memories with Dig Dug and Dig Dug II, or drive into an explosive win with New-Rally X. The Couchcade also includes Galaxian, Galaga, Galaga ‘88, Rolling Thunder, and Mappy for a total of 10 games. An easy-to-navigate menu makes it simple to switch games at any time. 

The Couchcade is available to purchase now for $179.99 on the Arcade1Up website.