Think of the cutest possible anime, double the cuteness, and then maybe you’re close to the cuteness level of Bananya, a popular anime about cats who live in bananas. (Yes, seriously.)

Bananya, which is available to stream on Crunchyroll, is no stranger to merch. The banana-dwelling cats have been made into plush characters, keychains, a talking figurine, and more. But now, the titular Bananya and his Bananya friends have gotten something of a makeover — They’ve gone Gucci!

The new Gucci x Bananya collection includes 10 items in all. There are three T-shirts and three sweatshirts, each featuring Bananyas in different poses, with “Gucci” written both forward and backward.

Items from the Gucci x Bananya collection | Source: Crunchyroll/the Pop Insider

There are two pairs of shoes in the collection, too: an Ace sneaker with a Bananya patch on the sides and a Rhyton sneaker with a Bananya illustration printed directly onto the shoe. Finally, the most interesting items in the lineup are the accessories. There is a sparkly, sequined Bananya broach and gold Bananya necklace with crystal accents.

Of course, because it’s Gucci, these Bananya items don’t come cheap. The prices in the collection range from $450 for the broach to $1,250 for the hooded sweatshirt. The T-shirts come in at $550, while the shoes are $690 (Ace) and $890 (Rhyton). The full collection is available to shop (or window shop) here. For some more affordable — but equally adorable — Bananya merch, check out the Crunchyroll shop.

Both seasons of Bananya are available to stream now on Crunchyroll!