A Baskin Robbins-themed bike | Source: Baskin Robbins

There are few things on this Earth as universally beloved as ice cream. And Baskin Robbins is celebrating this popular sweet treat with a new selection of official merch.

Last week, the ice cream maker — which has been scooping its iconic 31 flavors for more than 75 years — debuted a full rebrand. This included a new logo, new packaging, updated employee uniforms, and a new slogan: “Seize the yay.”

To celebrate this visual overhaul, Baskin Robbins also released the aforementioned, limited-edition merch collection. The brand’s new online shop offers a wide variety of items, all featuring the company’s new logo and/or other ice cream-inspired motifs.

A selection of Baskin Robbins-themed merch | Source: Baskin Robbins

Anyone with a sweet tooth can dress head-to-toe in ice cream apparel, from pink spoon-patterned socks and joggers decorated with the Baskin Robbins “31” to a T-shirt that says “I’m only here for the samples” or a sweatshirt that says “Ice cream is always a good idea.”

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Things get even wilder in the accessories section of the online shop, which offers a Baskin Robbins-themed bucket hat, a beach towel, a skateboard, and even a bike!

There are 18 Baskin Robbins items available in total, with prices ranging from $7 (for a pet bandana) to $520 (for the bike). You can also visit baskinrobbins.com for a closer look at the brand’s redesign and its newest flavors.