Since its premiere, the CW’s Batwoman has been breaking ground in superhero LGBTQ representation, portraying Kate Kane (Batwoman’s alter ego) as an out, lesbian woman. Last night, however, the show took things a step further by having the budding hero (played by Ruby Rose) come out publicly.

In the episode — appropriately titled “How Queer Everything Is Today!” — Kane risks exposing her identity by coming out in a magazine article. And, because this is the Arrowverse, Kara Danvers — aka Supergirl — is the one who writes the piece for CatCo magazine.

Kane ultimately decides to have Batwoman come out after interacting with a teen whose parents don’t accept her sexual identity. Batwoman is the first superhero series to feature an LGBTQ person in the lead role. Viewers have known this since the pilot episode, but now all of Gotham City knows, too!

Photo: The CW