The new The Witcher collection from BlackMilk has more than 30 pieces inspired by the Netflix series. | Source: BlackMilk

You’ll definitely want to toss a coin at BlackMilk’s new The Witcher collection

Last year, BlackMilk put out its first The Witcher collection — a collab with CD Projekt Red based on the The Witcher video games. However, the newest drop of Witcher apparel from the Australian merch maker is inspired by the Netflix original series.

The collection features 32 new pieces that focus on The Witcher’s three main characters — Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Vengerberg, and Ciri of Cintra — and some of the show’s most iconic imagery. 

Some highlights to the collection include the Winter Walker collared trench coat, an ankle-length coat that has a fur-lined collar to will keep adventurers safe from winter’s touch; the Geralt of Rivia robe, a gold-and-black piece which has an image of Henry Cavill’s Geralt printed on the back; and a top, a skirt, and a dress that all come in the “Hero’s Destiny” pattern, which has a maroon base and gold designs.

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The collection also offers strappy accessories that will make you look battle ready, including harnesses, a choker, belts, and more! 
BlackMilk’s latest The Witcher collection drops today, Dec. 12, at 1 p.m. PT, but you can preview the collection now at