Source: Boss Fight Studio/KingFeatures/the Pop Insider

Ahoy! Popeye fans should make some room on their shelves because Boss Fight Studio has new figures on the way, featuring the iconic sailor man and his friends.

In Boss Fight’s licensing deal with King Features Syndicate — brokered by FanGirl Consulting and Brand Management — the company will be able to produce a variety of action figures and collectibles inspired by Popeye The Sailor comics and cartoons.


The first wave of figures is expected to hit shelves late next summer and will include Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto, and Castor Oyl.

These Popeye figures will join Boss Fight Studio’s diverse lineup of highly articulated figures, with licenses including Flash Gordon, The Phantom, The Little Prince, and The Umbrella Academy.

“We’re digging deep into the comic strips to deliver Popeye toys like you’ve never seen before! Authentic styling, super articulation, and great accessories — even packing in smaller characters like Swee’ Pea, Eugene The Jeep, and Bernice The Whiffle Hen as bonuses!” says Andrew Franks, partner and art director at Boss Fight. “We can’t wait to bring these toys to market. We’re sure they will delight Popeye fans, and celebrate the rich 90-plus year legacy of these iconic characters.”