The Friends Bear Armadillo Gift Set and Friends Bear with How You Doin’? T-Shirt | Source: Build-A-Bear/the Pop Insider

How you doin’? Because we’re doin’ great after discovering the new Build-A-Bear Friends collection.

It captures iconic moments and memories from the popular ’90s sitcom with something for everyone in your group. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), you won’t be finding “the Rachel” on any bears, as the collection isn’t just the beloved pals recreated as plush. Instead, it features one classic bear that shoppers can dress in accessories and costumes that fans will remember from the show.

The online-exclusive bear is black and features the Friends logo on one paw and a graphic based on scenes from the show on the other paws and the ears. It’s clearly the kind of bear you should be sending someone after saying the wrong name at the altar.

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To go with it (or with any Build-A-Bear you may already own), fans can find a number of accessories and costumes inspired by the series. Dress up your plush pal as Santa’s representative for all the southern states — and Mexico — with the Holiday Armadillo set. Or, if you’re not a Chandler and Thanksgiving is more your style, there’s also a turkey head accessory, complete with a fez and sunglasses.

The Turkey Costume, Friends T-Shirt, and Picture Frame Wristie | Source: Build-A-Bear/the Pop Insider

Fans can also find denim jeans (because it’s the ‘90s after all) and shirts with either a Friends logo or How You Doin’? design. To round out the collection, there are accessories including a plush Central Perk Mug for cozying up on the orange couch and a Picture Frame Wristie that can hold a pic of your bestie inside.

Could we be any more excited? Find the collection on Build-A-Bear’s general website or on its new website for licensed collections,