Source: Colourpop

Jealous of Queen Frostine’s supreme sense of style? Wish you could explore the Lollypop Woods while looking just as fab as Princess Lolly?

Well, get ready for the collab you didn’t know you wanted (but 100% will): Candy Land makeup.

Hasbro has partnered with the cosmetics company Colourpop for a whole collection inspired by the classic board game. The line, called Colourpop Land, will go live today at 1 p.m. ET.


The collab offers a wide variety of products, including an eye shadow palette, highlighter, face milk, blush, and lip balms. Each product has a name and packaging inspired by the sweet characters and locations from Candy Land.

Source: Colourpop

Fans can shop each item individually (prices range from $9-18) or try to snag the full collection for $118. Some lucky — and fast — shoppers can snag the collectible PR box for $145 (pictured, top). Not only does it have the full collection, but it also comes with a legit Colourpop/Candy Land board game!

Check out the full collection here, and set your alarm for the launch! If this is anything like Colourpop’s recent Sailor Moon and Mulan collections, the items are sure to sell out quickly.