Crayola Crossbody Bag | Source: LeSportsac

From pencil cases to backpacks, LeSportsac is taking us back to our childhood with a colorful Crayola partnership.

The collection features three exclusive prints — Crayon Box Check, Garden Coloring, and Marker Marks — each inspired by a different Crayola product and art style.

The Crayon Box Check print is a photoreal rendition of the doodles you used to draw on your pencil case. The print comes in a multicolored houndstooth check design available in a three zip cosmetic bag ($24), the Daniella crossbody bag ($60), the small Jennie crossbody bag ($95), and a classic hobo bag ($100).

Garden Coloring Everyday Bag | Source: LeSportsac

If you’re a fan of adult coloring books, then the Garden Coloring is a must-have, featuring an unfinished array of flowers with enough white space to spark creativity in the following styles: a cosmetic clutch bag ($27.50), the Quinn bag ($65), a deluxe everyday bag ($105), a york satchel ($95), a deluxe easy carry tote ($55), a basic backpack ($125), and a large deluxe weekender ($155).

Who remembers using magic markers to draw grassy green lines? The Marker Marks print is exactly that: bold lines in blue, green, bright pink, and yellow. The primary colors make this style stick out in a selection of bag styles, including a three zip cosmetic bag ($24), an easy rounded belt bag ($55), the Daniella crossbody bag ($65), a deluxe everyday bag ($125), a medium ID weekender ($165), and a carrier ID backpack ($160).

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There are also a few novelty styles and prints in this collection, including a pencil case in the shape of a blue crayon ($35), a pink crossbody bag in the shape of a Crayola colored pencil ($70), a blue rectangular cosmetic bag with a crayon box on it ($25), an orange XL cosmetic bag with crayons placed in the shape of a heart ($45), a red easy magazine tote ($60), and a blue carrier backpack with an image of a crayon drawing on the bag ($140).

The Crayola x LeSportsac collection is available now through LeSportsac’s website — happy coloring!