The CuffLinks Disney 100 collection features ties, pocket squares, and socks that celebrate classic animation and the most famous Disney characters. | Source: Cufflinks

The Walt Disney Co. has been dropping new merch and collaborations like crazy to commemorate the beginning of its 100th-anniversary celebration, which will continue throughout this year. Among those collabs is Disney’s latest team-up with Cufflinks, which features new ties, socks, and pocket squares to subtly dress up any formal outfit with a touch of Disney wonder.

So far, the collection includes nine different items: three pairs of socks, four pocket squares, and two ties. The socks include an olive-green pair with an original animated Goofy, a black pair with red toes and heels that feature vintage advertising for “Steamboat Willie,” and a teal pair with an original Donald Duck and the phrase “What’s the big idea?”

Two of the pocket squares feature more modern designs. They featured the Disney “D” and the Pixar ball, each made up of silhouettes of the respective studios’ biggest characters. The other two pocket squares embrace the throwback vibes, featuring vintage advertising for “Steamboat Willie” and classic art of Donald Duck. 

While the pocket squares and socks are full of color and fun, the ties are the star of this launch. So far, there are two ties in the D100 collection. The first is a light gray and features a repeating pattern of anchors and Steamboat Willie turning his ship’s wheel. The second is a blue tie covered in original artwork of Mickey & Friends! Each tie matches with one of the socks and pocket squares in the collection, so you can fully coordinate your Disney look. 

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These are just the latest additions to Cufflinks’ lineup of Disney products, which includes not only more ties, socks, and pocket squares, but also tie bars and Mickey-shaped cufflinks. 

The CuffLinks D100 collection is only available for a limited time — check out so you don’t miss out on this classic Disney collection. Whether you’re planning on wearing the D100 collection at a work event or the Disney wedding of your dreams, these pieces are a magical addition to any outfit.