Source: Cryptozoic

This year marks a full decade of Cryptozoic’s DC Deck-Building Game, the epic card game series where the odds are stacked against you, and the only way to survive is to stack a deck of cards. 

In celebration of this heroic milestone, Cryptozoic, Warner Bros., and DC have teamed up to launch a Kickstarter campaign that treats fans to two new games, new cards, and new challenges. 

DC Deck-Building Game: Injustice is one of the two new games available for preorder on Kickstarter. Based on the popular comics and video games of the same name, the Injustice game follows Batman’s insurgent battle against a tyrannical Superman. The game features Cryptozoic’s Cerberus Engine gameplay format and players will use the cards to land devastating blows and block their opponents’ strikes. 

Injustice (left) and Rivals — The Flash vs. Reverse Flash (right) | Source: Cryptozoic / the Pop Insider

For fans who prefer high-speed battles, the second game in the launch is DC Deck-Building Game: Rivals — Flash vs. Reverse Flash, which features none other than The Fastest Man Alive and his evil counterpart. Each player will have three unique character cards, each of which has varying degrees of power and risk. Players will use the cards to level up and battle each other until either Flash or Reverse Flash stands victorious.

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Backers can also pledge for two new editions of the DC Deck-Building Game: Multiverse Box for storing their collections. The new box is available in a Super-Villains Edition (featuring a Kickstarter-exclusive cover) and a Super Heroes Edition. These storage boxes are designed to fit more than 1,600 sleeved standard cards and more than 500 sleeved oversized cards.

The DC Deck-Building Game 10th Anniversary Kickstarter campaign is running now and will be live until May 12. Pledge tiers start at $70 and, if stretch goals are unlocked, Cryptozoic will add numerous surprises to the products. The odds for those stretch goals are looking good, as the campaign has already surpassed its pledge goal of $50,000 (with $256,891 raised at the time of writing).