Source: Uncanny Brands/The Pop Insider

In case you were wondering: yes, you do in fact need a Dragon Ball Z-themed kitchen.

Uncanny Brands will start you off — and start its own Dragon Ball Z line — with the Dragon Ball Z Popcorn Maker. The poppin’ kitchen staple uses a hot-air popping method so it’s technically healthy until you put an entire stick of butter on it. Just add kernels into the chamber with the included measuring cup and watch it go. The top cover also doubles as an epic serving bowl.

Fans can pick it up exclusively at GameStop for $49.99. It’s modeled to look just like the classic yellow ball with red stars. More appliances on the way include slow cookers, toasters, and waffle makers. So, basically, you have everything you need for a very anime-inspired dinner party — just, you know, maybe don’t invite Frieza.