Photos: FOCO

This year isn’t one full of great news for sports fans, as most sports leagues — including Major League Baseball (MLB) — have canceled or postponed their seasons to help stop the spread of COVID-19. However, collectibles company FOCO does have a new line of bobbleheads that will make any baseball-slash-comic-book fan smile.

The collection combines two popular DC Comics heroes — Batman and Superman — with the MLB: Fans can choose between a Batman or a Superman bobblehead for their favorite team (check out the Atlanta Braves versions above). The Superman bobbleheads each hold up a torn baseball featuring the team logo  — an homage to the Daily Planet — and stand on bleachers decorated with the team colors and logo. The Batman bobbleheads hold a baseball bat in one hand and a Batarang in the other, posing on a base decorated with the team logo and colors.

This collection is the latest in a series of limited-edition, baseball-meets-fandom bobbleheads from FOCO. Previous collections have included Game of Thrones and Stranger Things MLB mashups.


All of the FOCO DC x MLB bobbleheads cost $35 each and are available to preorder from They are set to ship to customers in June.