The Loyal Subjects and Topps have teamed up to bring the Garbage Pail Kids back! | Source: The Loyal Subjects/the Pop Insider

The dream of the ‘80s is alive and well with these new Garbage Pail Kids collections! 

The Loyal Subjects and trading card company Topps have teamed up to release two new collections of Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) products. 

The GPK Classics collection includes 4.5-inch figural sets that resemble a 3D representation of the classic Topps GPK trading cards. Each figure is displayed on a stand with a name plate mirroring the GPK name plates on the lower third of the trading cards. The first wave is currently available and includes characters like Joe Blow, Weird Wendy, Roy Bot, and TeeVee Stevie. The second wave is set to come out soon and will include the Twins, Rod Wad, Haggy Maggie, Hot Head Harvey, and Geeky Gary, with a Stranger Things x GPK mashup due to hit shelves this coming May. 

GPK Krashers feature iconic GPK characters like Adam Bomb. | Source: The Loyal Subjects

The second collection, Krashers, is a series of snot-laced, crash-em-up derby pull-back racers. Each 3-inch car has a pull-back mechanism that revs its engine and comes with an exclusive trading card. The first wave of Krashers is currently available and includes Leakey Lindsay, Nasty Nick, Taggin’ Waggin’, New Wave Dave, and Adam Bomb. The second wave is due to follow closely with the Twins, Messie Bessie, Evil Eddie, Blasted Billy, and Graffiti Petey. 

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The GPK Classics collection is available for $16.96 each and the Krashers collection is available for $14.96 each, both exclusively at Walmart. Buckle up: These GPK collections promise a totally tubular ride.