Two of the “Greetings from Catan” shirts | Source: Rollacrit/the Pop Insider

If Catan were a real place and it had a shop for tourists, that store would absolutely offer the range of Catan-inspired shirts and mugs that just launched on Rollacrit.

The “Greetings from Catan” collection includes five different designs, each featuring one of the terrain types from the strategy game. However, as a great touch, they are all styled as tourist-y momentos. Each design includes a fairly simple illustrated scene of that terrain type, alongside the phrase “Greetings from the ___ of Catan.” The depicted regions include the Verdant Pastures (sheep), the Rugged Hills (brick), the Golden Fields (wheat), the Scenic Mountains (ore), and the Lush Forest (wood).

Two of the “Greetings from Catan” mugs | Source: Rollacrit/the Pop Insider

Each of the officially licensed designs is available on both a white mug (with the Catan logo on the reverse side) or on a black T-shirt. This is some of the first Catan merch to hit virtual retail shelves, following an extensive lineup of planned Catan collaborations that Asmodee Entertainment and Catan Studio announced earlier this year.

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These picturesque Catan souvenirs are available to purchase now, exclusively from Rollacrit. There will be additional Catan items available from Rollacrit soon, too, including apparel, accessories, collectibles, and home goods.