Nerf Fortnite RL Super Soaker Water Blaster Extreme Soakage | Source: Hasbro

Hasbro is suiting up for the battle royale, thanks to a new licensing deal with Epic Games that will grow its Fortnite offerings, building off its success with NERF and Monopoly products inspired by the popular video game.

As announced at today’s Hasbro Investor Event, the company has signed a 5-year deal that will expand Hasbro’s Fortnite lineup beyond outdoor play products and tabletop games and into additional categories, including collectible action figures, vehicles, and role-play items. The collaboration will also provide more in-game experiences for fans, such as the recent Fortnite debut of G.I. Joe character Snake Eyes.

These new Fortnite items are on track to launch this fall. Hasbro’s current Fortnite offerings, including NERF blasters, Monopoly: Fortnite Edition, Jenga: Fortnite Edition, and a Fortnite G.I. Joe Collab Snake Eyes: Zero Point Edition figure, are all available to purchase now from Hasbro Pulse.