Source: Hasbro

X might not mark the spot for buried treasure, but Hasbro’s Fan First livestream certainly does! Yesterday, the company debuted an expansive line of Indiana Jones collectibles during a Fanstream, including of tons of epic figures and a board game. 

Source: Hasbro

To start things off, there is a new Indiana Jones-inspired Monopoly board game, Monopoly: Indiana Jones Edition ($34.99). In this game, players can imagine traveling the world on Indy’s adventures, as they relive memorable moments from the first three Indiana Jones films. The game features locations such as the Well of Souls and the Temple of Doom, alongside artifacts like the Golden Idol, the Holy Grail, and more. Along the way, players must overcome booby traps, spiders, and snakes. As with all Monopoly games, the last player with money when all other players have gone bankrupt wins! 

Fans were also able to see tons of Indiana Jones action figures during the livestream, including the first figures in the Indiana Jones Adventure Series of articulated, 6-inch-scale collectibles. These offerings include Walter Donovan and Indiana Jones Professor, which are detailed after the characters in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The Donovan figure includes accessories like a detachable pistol, a false grail, and a stone tablet, while this version of Indiana Jones includes Grail Diary, torch, and shield accessories. 

While those figures haven’t dropped yet, the Indiana Jones Adventure Series Club Obi Wan figure is available now at Target. Inspired by the character from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, this figure features multiple points of articulation and a detachable diamond, antidote, sword, urn, and flaming shish kabob accessories. All three Adventure Series figures cost $24.99.

The next set of reveals comes from The Indiana Jones Retro Collection. These 3.75-inch-scale figures feature multiple points of articulation, cost $14.99 each, and come in packaging inspired by the Kenner Indiana Jones Toys from the ‘80s. 

The team revealed four Retro Collection figures, all detailed to look like the character from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. These include René Belloq (Ceremonial), who features a detachable ceremonial staff; Marion Ravenwood, who includes a detachable monkey accessory; Toht, who has a detachable coat and pistol accessories; and a German Mechanic, who has a detachable wrench accessory.

Yesterday’s livestream also debuted the World of Adventure series, a line of figures designed for younger fans. First in the line is the Indiana Jones Worlds of Adventure Indiana Jones With Motorcycle and Sidecar ($22.99). This figure and vehicle set includes a 2.5-inch Indiana Jones action figure with poseable arms, legs, and head. You can gallop into the action with the Indiana Jones Worlds of Adventure Indiana Jones with Horse 2-pack ($16.99). This set includes a 2.5-inch Indiana Jones action figure, a horse figure, a snake, the Holy Grail, a satchel, whip accessories, and a repositionable saddlebag.  

The remaining Indiana Jones Worlds of Adventure sets include an Indiana Jones with Adventure Backpack figure ($16.99), the Helena Shaw with Motorcycle Indiana Jones gift set ($16.99), and the Doctor Jürgen Voller with Plane figure and vehicle set ($22.99).

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A majority of the collectibles will be available this spring at major retailers. For an even more in-depth look, check out the full livestream below!