The Cat Ladies teamed up with Hello Kitty for a new cat planter mug! | Source: The Cat Ladies

Looking for the purr-fect present for your furry friend? 

The Cat Ladies, an organic pet product company, is teaming up with Hello Kitty to release a new organic grass growing kit, made specifically for our feline friends! Designed for cats with their humans in mind, the Hello Kitty Planter Mug gives kitties a tasty treat that is packed with essential vitamins to promote healthy digestion. 

The Cat Ladies’ cat grass blend adds important nutrients to cats’ diets, including wheat grass, oat, barley, and rye. Although the grass kit provides a tasty treat for your lap companion, it also helps control hairballs — a win-win! 

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The Hello Kitty Planter Mug comes with all of the supplies needed to grow this nutrient-rich treat for your cat, including the Hello Kitty planter mug, three soil disks, and organic seeds for planting the edible grass. Humans can grow the grass by placing the soil disk into the planter mug, adding water, and then sprinkling the grass seeds. The organic cat grass should sprout up to four inches in just four to seven days. 

The Hello Kitty Planter Mug is currently available for $19.99 on Amazon — no, we’re not kitten around!