Source: Hero Collector

As Browncoats around the world know all too well, the beloved sci-fi TV series Firefly came to a tragic end in 2003, after only one season on the air. Some 19 years later, collectibles manufacturer Hero Collector is giving fans a chance to revisit the ‘Verse with a new die-cast spaceship model. 

The Serenity XL Model | Source: Hero Collector

Serenity is the franchise’s premium vehicle, a transport ship of the titular Firefly cast. Hero Collector’s Serenity XL Model replicates the spacecraft exactly as it appears in the series, featuring fine details such as the hull-mounted solar panels and an array of EVA hatches. While the cargo vessel is unarmed, it is hand-painted and die-cast. 

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Complete with a detachable display stand, the Serenity model is perfectly suited for the shelf of any sci-fi collector or, more importantly, the dashboard of any spacecraft. 

Hero Collector has done the impossible, and that makes them mighty. The Serenity XL Edition is set to launch this June for $79.99. Fans can head to to preorder the model now!