The 2019 and 1990 adaptations of Pennywise as collectible figures | Source: Hero Collector/the Pop Insider

The air is getting brisker, days are getting shorter, and stores are starting to push back-to-school shopping. This can only mean one thing: It’s basically Halloween already!

Hero Collector is getting us ready for the spooky szn with all-new, spine-tingling collectibles. The first wave of the Horror 1:16 Figurine Collection will drop this September, just in time for you to start gathering your fave candies and catching up on scary movies.

Each hand-painted model is about 4-5 inches tall and recreates a famous fiend posed on a display base in window packaging. There are not one but *two* Pennywise characters to choose from (or get both for a truly creepy collection!). Tim Curry’s adaptation is captured midway through his monstrous transformation, while Bill Skarsgård’s creepy clown is fully prepared to feast on your fear.

Annabelle and Valak figures | Source: Hero Collector/ the Pop Insider

Invite Annabelle into your abode with the 2019 version of the doll. She sits atop her chair in the white dress as seen in Annabelle Comes Home. Fans can also discover Valak from The Nun. This figure features the likeness of actress Bonnie Aarons and the ghoulish looks of an abbess who’s been trapped underground for centuries.

The Crooked Man and Stripe figures | Source: Hero Collector/ the Pop Insider

In 2014’s The Conjuring 2, a creepy man — The Crooked Man — stole the show (and probably some souls). The figure captures the essence of the demonic spirit (played by Javier Botet) and features his signature umbrella. Finally, whatever you do, don’t feed the 1:8-scale figure of Stripe after midnight. Modeled after the ringleader from Gremlins, this creature features his signature tuft and desire to take over the world.

More creepy collectibles are on their way! For now, fans can preorder these figures at the link below.