Source: Hero Within/the Pop Insider

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear face masks during a pandemic!

This week, fandom clothing company Hero Within launched a set of enamel pins that keep this message at the forefront. Designed in the shape of a face mask, the light blue pins read “#HWM” (for  Heroes Wear Masks) in bold, white, block letters.

In an effort to promote good health practices in our communities and — as the Hero Within site puts it — “spread love not germs,” these pins only come in a pack of four. The idea is that you wear one yourself, then give the other three away to friends, family, or anyone you want to support during this difficult time.


If the positive message wasn’t awesome enough, Hero Within is also donating a portion of the proceeds from these pins to Direct Relief COVID-19.

Face mask-wearing heroes can purchase the four-pack here for $20. Production for the pins is limited, and they are expected to ship on Aug. 21. So, be sure to grab some now!