Stylized photos of the new Hunter Killing Eve boots. | Source: Hunter/the Pop Insider

Killing Eve is about to enter its final season later this month, but so far there hasn’t been much in the way of official merch for this popular spy vs. (super-fashionable) assassin drama. But this week, the BBC America series partnered with Hunter Boots for two new styles inspired by the show.

The killer collection includes two boots: the Tall Chasing Boot and the Short Hunting Boot. Both styles are inspired by the show’s iconic style moments, combining function and fashion. Tbh, we could totally see Villanelle rocking either of these shoes.

The Tall Chasing Boot (left) and the Short Hunting Boot (right) | Source: Hunter/the Pop Insider

The Chasing Boots are made from water-resistant Stetson leather and natural rubber, with sherpa linings for colder weather. This style costs $395 and is available in black, Mawson Creek brown, or olive. The Hunting Boots are also made with water-resistant Stetson leather and sherpa linings, but with a nylon leg. Fans can customize the look of these boots by folding down the top and by adding or removing the leather ankle strap and pouch. (Can you think of all the tiny-but-deadly things Villanelle would fit in that ankle pouch?) The shorter boots cost $295 and are available in black or olive.

The box for the Hunter x Killing Eve boots | Source: Hunter

Neither of these boot styles features overt references to Killing Eve, offering a more subtle tribute to the vibe of the show and fan-favorite character Villanelle. That being said, the packing does the opposite. Both boots come in branded boxes that feature the Killing Eve and Hunter logos on the front. The bright-red interior of both boxes is decorated with “Sorry Baby xx” in Villanelle’s handwriting, inspired by the note that she leaves in Eve’s suitcase (with the perfume) in the show’s first season.

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Above that, there is a line that reads “This product was created in collaboration with television series Killing Eve and was inspired by the character Villanelle with a utilitarian spirit.”

This limited-edition capsule collection is available now, exclusively from