A close-up of the newest Matchbox Collector die-cast. | Source: Mattel Creations

Mattel Creations has been coming in hot with the Jurassic Park merch this year. And while nothing can top the shirtless Jeff Goldblum collectible, the company’s newest dino-themed item is an instantly recognizable callback to the ’90s classic.

The Matchbox 1993 Ford Explorer is a 1:64-scale recreation of the vehicle that takes Jurassic Park’s ill-fated guests on a test run of the safari ride. The car may be tiny, but it is big on detail, from the Jurassic Park logo on the hood and sides to the six-spoke wheels with yellow VUM hubs — even down to the license plate and logos on the back. Based on the product photos, the paint also appears to have a bright, almost glittery finish.

This collectible die-cast comes in displayable packaging: an oversized acrylic case featuring a terrain-molded base and a themed panorama background that depicts the T. rex paddock.

This dino-mite collectible goes on sale today, Aug. 23, at 9 a.m. PT for $25 from Mattel Creations. It is expected to ship by Jan. 6 and is part of the ongoing Matchbox Collector line.