Locotus of Borg Phunny Plush (left) and Borg Cube Plush (right) | Source: Kidrobot

Resistance is futile: You’re going to love Kidrobot’s newest Star Trek plush toys, which are inspired by the Borg Collective in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

First, the Locotus of Borg (Picard) Phunny Plush makes the one formerly known as Jean-Luc Picard cuddly and huggable. This 8-inch plush (7.5-inches when seated) features Jean-Luc Picard, now Locotus, partially assimilated into the Borg Collective. His plush form is covered in controlling implants.

Glowing green LED lights of the Borg Cube Plush | Source: Kidrobot

The 13-inch Borg Cube Plush is the perfect companion piece for the Locotus of Borg Phunny. This interactive plush version of the infamous starship features LED lights that glow green when the cube is turned on, which is a fitting ambiance for assimilation. Fans can even open the top to reveal a hidden compartment, the perfect size for Locotus of Borg to fit inside. 

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The Locotus Phunny Plush ($16.99) and the Borg Cube Plush ($39.99) are both available for preorder from the Kidrobot website. You can snag them separately or get them as a bundle for $49.99. Both plush are expected to ship this fall.

Trekkies can also shop a larger selection of Star Trek plush from Kidrobot, including a “Live Long and Prosper” hand pillow, plush versions of Badgey (both good and evil) from Lower Decks, and more.