The Legends of Laughter Line will be available for preorder in August. | Source: The Nacelle Co.

If you can’t contain your laughter, at least you can collect what makes you laugh.

The Nacelle Co., the parent company of Comedy Dynamics, will begin accepting preorders on the Legends of Laughter action figure line beginning on August 16 — national joke day. The inaugural line will feature the legends (of laughter) Lenny Bruce, Joan Rivers, and Bill Hicks.

“I think the term,’ action figure,’ may be a bit ambitious for a woman who considered making a martini exercise,” Joan Rivers’s daughter Melissa. said in a statement “Nonetheless, it is a treat to see my mother captured, and I do mean captured.”

Rivers pioneered her own type of unconventional comedy and won many awards throughout her career. Lenny Bruce is most well-known for his critical satire that landed him a conviction in 1964 for obscenity. He is also a character on the Amazon Prime Video series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Bill Hicks’ work is celebrated for its brutally honest portrayal of society.

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Fans can preorder the figures this summer on Each of the figures will arrive in a package that features a QR code, with which fans can enjoy an exclusive, previously unreleased track from the artist.

“Much of my career has been built on comedy, and so this is a unique moment where I can blend both passions, comedy and toys into one action figure,” Nacelle Co. CEO Brian Volk-Weiss said in a statement. The company previously released a box set of Bill Hicks’ work, a vinyl of Lenny Bruce, and as plans to drop a Joan Rivers box set this year.