Source: Titmouse

The premiere of Star Trek: Lower Decks is only three days away and an exclusive T-shirt club is kicking off the merch that you will probably be buying in ship-fulls.

Each T-shirt in the collection from Titmouse is based on a specific episode of the new series, and fans can grab the entire line for $180 until the second episode premieres.

Those who aren’t ready to commit to 10 new closet-additions can purchase the T-shirts individually every week for $20. Each shirt will only be available until the next episode airs.

In a Q&A with, the series creator Mike McMahon, CCO of Titmouse Antonio Canobbio, and director Barry Kelly revealed the aspects of episodes that inspired the tees. According to them, each piece of apparel is either based on a moment or iconic prop from the show *or* it was chosen in a gladiator-style duel.

The creators also discussed they’re excited for fans to see the show and believe it’s a fresh take on the familiar. Subscribe to the collection or purchase the first T-shirt here.