Photo: Inverse

What’s stronger, vibranium or a lightsaber? Both, both are good.

One of the most philosophical debates in the history of fandom started off with a meme and got super deep, as is often the case. A Star Wars and Marvel fan posted a photo with a sticky note that read, “My son just asked the toughest question that I’ve ever had to answer as a father… Can a lightsaber cut through Captain America’s shield.” Whoa. We’re shook.

The question was turned into a meme with the the added text, “Great, now I have to spend, like, eight hours on Tumblr and Reddit reading competing fan theories. Thanks, Chris. Twitter user @itsbananaaa decided to rope in the experts to weigh in on this sensitive issue.

Mark Hamill took the question seriously and answered without his usual level of pure sass by alluding that in the Star Wars universe logic—while Luke would never actually fight a hero—in theory, he could blast Cap’s shield to bits. However, in MCU’s science, Cap’s vibranium shield could not be marred by the likes of a lightsaber.

Of course, Chris Evans had to flash the sass that Hamill left behind and noted that after the shield’s destruction, Cap would have a bunch of vibranium ninja stars. The real question is, who would win that battle?