Build-A-Figures of Marvel’s Controller and Infinity Ultron | Source: Hasbro Pulse/the Pop Insider

With an entertainment library as vast as Marvel’s, Hasbro’s options for new Marvel Legends figures are equally endless! Yesterday, the company hosted its latest Fan First livestream for this collectibles brand, revealing a variety of new figures and updates.

To start, there is a new wave of figures available to preorder today. This includes comic-inspired versions of Iron Man, Blue Marvel, Madame Hydra, Marvel’s Quake, Marvel’s Speedball, U.S. Agent, and Thor. Each of these figures comes with a Build-A-Figure component for Marvel’s Controller (pictured top).

The livestream also gave fans a first look at renderings for the upcoming Marvel Legends Series Spider-Man in his Future Foundation Stealth Suit. This black-and-white look will be available to preorder later this year.

If you don’t want to wait to add to your collection, the Marvel Legends Series X-Men ’90s Animated Series Storm Figure will be available to preorder starting today, Feb. 22, at 1 p.m. ET, exclusively on Hasbro Pulse. The figure comes in packaging designed to look like a ’90s X-Men: The Animated Series VHS.

Another retro figure dropping for preorder today is Spider-Man Retro Marvel’s Rhino. This figure comes on a retro-style card back and includes a swappable head and hands.

Yesterday’s livestream also offered some other teasers, including a look at a Build-A-Figure of Infinity Ultron from What If…? (pictured top) that will be part of an upcoming wave. Hasbro also provided an update on the Marvel Legends 20th-anniversary celebration by teasing packaging artwork for a Blue Marvel figure that will come out soon. Fans can expect additional Marvel Legends content on the 20th of every month throughout this year to continue celebrating the milestone anniversary.

Check out the full livestream video below and head to Hasbro Pulse to shop the new releases when they drop later today.