Source: Spin Master/the Pop Insider

Zombies are coming to invade your game night, and they all used to be Marvel heroes!

Spin Master and game publisher CMON have partnered for a third Marvel game (following Marvel United and Marvel United: X-Men), which launched on Kickstarter late last month. Titled Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game, this new tabletop game combines Marvel characters with the existing Zombicide gaming universe.

The campaign became the most successful CMON Kickstarter launch to date and the No. 4 tabletop games Kickstarter of all time with more than $9 million pledged — $2 million of which was raised in the campaign’s first hour — and more than 28,900 backers.

Source: Spin Master

This tabletop game will offer both a Marvel Zombies core box and X-Men Resistance box. For higher pledge tiers, fans can also get game expansions and exclusive bonus heroes.

Fans who missed out on the initial Kickstarter can still preorder this game here, with five pledge levels to choose from starting at $130. Backers can expect to receive their preordered games around June 2023.

Spin Master aims to deliver the Marvel Zombies core box to retail by this October, with additional sets to come next June. Click here to check out the initial Kickstarter campaign, which offers a detailed look at this game of the super-undead!