Photo: Mondo

ICYDK, Mondo has a collection of Disney enamel pins that — dare I say it? — rival the Parks’ pins both in cuteness and in price.

The pins pay homage to Disney and Pixar classics, ranging from classics like Aladdin and Pinocchio, to newer hits such as Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles II. Each movie’s pins are designed by a different artist, allowing for diverse visual styles.

The Mondo x Disney pin collection recently reached 100 designs, and Mondo landed on the perfect inspiration for its 101st addition to the lineup: 101 Dalmatians!

Designed by artist Caley Hicks, the three new 101 Dalmatians pins are a perfect fit for anyone who loves to say “I’m so hungry I could eat a whole elephant” and knows every single word to the song “Cruella De Vil.”

The pins (pictured above) include Pongo, Rolly, and Cruella De Vil styles — Do you feel a sudden chill?

Fans can shop the new 101 Dalmatians collection — and all of Mondo’s awesome Disney pins — here, for $10 each.