Photo: Disney

It seems fans are never happy with Netflix for their sometimes off or incorrect summaries for films and series on the streaming site. What’s worse, as Disney fans noted, there’s an even more egregious error in Netflix’s credits for the animated Mulan.

Agents of SHIELD actor Ming-Na Wen (who voiced Mulan) echoed a fan’s notice of the oversight.

Neither Wen nor her co-star B.D. Wong are credited in the streaming platform’s official description of the animated film. The initial screen for the film only credits three names, none of whom are Asian or Asian American actors, which gives the film—about Chinese culture—a bad look.

After a fan pointed out that Wen was not listed in the 1998 film’s credits (even though she voiced the title character), Wen called out the streaming platform and urged fans to tweet at them to change the listing to include both herself and Wong.

The oversight might be a bug or a glitch, because fans have noticed that both of the actors’ names appear in the credits for the 2004 follow-up, Mulan 2.

Netflix has since remedied the situation to include both names in the film’s credits in time for the new year.

h/t Comic Book