The people of the world deserve to have full access to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT).

But until now, the fantastic range of TMNT action figures, prop replicas, accessories, and collectibles from the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) was unavailable outside of the U.S. That changes today as NECA enters into an expanded agreement with Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products to include distribution to international markets for the first time since the company acquired the TMNT license in 2016.

“Bringing our Turtle product to fans worldwide is something we have wanted for years. Thanks to our great partnership with Nickelodeon, we are so grateful to finally give loyal international Turtle fans — who have been supporting our TMNT line since its inception — an opportunity to collect this fantastic range,” says Randy Falk, NECA’s director of product development.

The TMNT Crew is ready for travel...

NECA’s TMNT range features an expansive line of collector products based on depictions of the Turtles across film and animation. The new international distribution will cover dozens of countries around the world from Asia and Europe to South America.

Perhaps Mikey can sample different types of pizza from different places in the world?

Photos: NECA