The Jinx blaster on its display stand | Source: Hasbro

The NERF LMTD line of pop culture-inspired, collectible blasters is getting a new addition, inspired by one of the most-played characters in League of Legends.

The new League of Legends Jinx Fishbones Blaster is a special-edition blaster designed for teen and adult collectors, and it recreates the rocket launcher that Jinx carries in the game. It features an 18-dart capacity drum that holds six clusters of three darts, so you can blast enemies with a three-dart burst with a single pull of the trigger.

The purple, shark-themed blaster comes with 18 NERF Elite darts for those who want to take it into NERF battle, as well as a Jinx-inspired display stand for the times when you want it to be a display piece. This is a pump-action blaster, and the shark’s mouth opens and closes. The blaster also comes packaged in a colorful box that’s covered in art of Jinx as she appears in League of Legends.

Fans who want to add this latest NERF LMTD piece to their collection can preorder it now, exclusively from Amazon. It costs $169.99 and is expected to ship next December (yes, at the end of 2023). Preorders will only be open until Jan. 3, so be sure to add this blaster to your cart asap!