The rivalry between DC and Marvel is a tale as old as time, and the new “it” thing to do is to throw some major shade in trailers. Deadpool is notorious for breaking the fourth wall, so when Cable calls him a clown dressed up as a sex toy, Deadpool fires back with, “So dark… You sure you’re not from the DC Universe?” The shade.

DC clapped back at Deadpool in the recently released trailer for Teen Titans Go! with… a dig? A compliment? A funny aside? When Slade Wilson pops up on the screen, the Teen Titans are sure that it’s Deadpool. Slade Wilson is not pleased and has a whiny temper tantrum about constantly being called Deadpool despite being created first. Ryan Reynolds who, let’s be honest, basically is Deadpool, fired back in the YouTube comments section.

He signed off as Ryan Gosling because of course, he did. Honestly, it’s surprising Reynolds commented on that portion of the shade as the dig to Reynolds’ portrayal of Green Lantern in the DC movie was even more savage. The Teen Titans Twitter threw the first proverbial punch when they tweeted a harsh reminder that Reynolds was once a part of the DC Universe after the Deadpool 2 trailer dropped. To make matters worse, the tweet contained a preview gif from the trailer of the Teen Titans Go!‘s rendition of Green Lantern quipping, “There was a Green Lantern movie… But we don’t talk about that.” Ouch.

The best part of this whole exchange is that Warner Bros. pinned Reynolds’ sassy YouTube comment. That’s either a major sign of respect or a grade-A response of the “sticks and stones” variety. Ultimately, it’s (probably) all in good fun and no doubt a great marketing move for both movies. That being said, Deadpool is not for the Teen Titans Go! target audience, so please don’t take young children to Deadpool 2 unless you want to pay a heap load of therapy bills for the next 10 years. Deadpool does a lot of weird stuff with unicorns. A lot.