Source: Jerry Leigh/the Pop Insider

Since scrolling through TikTok for hours has basically become a national pastime this year, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the Hype House. But in case you aren’t, it is a literal mansion where a group of TikTok-famous teens and 20-somethings all hang out and make content for various social media platforms. Yes, really — and it’s very popular.

Originally formed last December, the Hype House has become one of the most successful shared influencer houses, racking up more than 28 million followers across the Hype House social media platforms. Now, all of us regular TikTok-obsessed folk can get a bit of Hype House style, thanks to a new, officially licensed merch line from Jarry Leigh.

Here’s a video of some Hype House influencers checking out the new apparel in their local Target!


We found Nick! The Merch is available at every target near you!

♬ original sound – The Hype House

This collection includes apparel — like the items featured above — along with slippers, backpacks, headwear, hair accessories, key chains, phone cases, sunglasses, notebooks, and more.

All of the items in this collection are inspired by Hype House founders Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson, along with some of the other Hype House influencers. The collection is launching at a variety of major retailers this month, including Target, Kohl’s, Hot Topic, and Zumiez.