Super7 Peanuts Big Vinyl Charlie Brown, Franklin, and Snoopy | Source: Super7

Super7 is super-sizing everyone’s favorite little smarty-pants.

Joining the company’s collection of Peanuts collectibles is a 16-inch Peanuts Big Vinyl Franklin, complete with real cloth apparel. Franklin sports his signature orange, long-sleeved shirt and grey shoes, along with a curly crop of vinyl hair and the same smile he wears when he aces his latest pop quiz.

The packaging for the figure matches his look with a bright orange deco and original Peanuts comic strip artwork on the side.

Super7 Peanuts Big Vinyl Franklin | Source: Super7

In addition to the super-sized figure, Super7 also graces fans with a Franklin ReAction figure, which features Franklin in his bathing suit and comes complete with a beach ball. There’s also a Franklin Chenille Patch and a black long-sleeved T-shirt featuring Franklin leaning forlornly next to his pal Charlie Brown, perfect for those days when you just cannot.

Franklin joins Super7’s robust lineup of Peanuts collectibles, including ReAction Figures, Keshi Surprise blind boxes, long and short-sleeved T-shirts, and patches, all featuring the iconic characters. Shop them all here.