The Pokémon Holiday Village introduces four new pieces, including a bakery and toy shop! | Source: Pokémon Center

In only a month, we will be in the middle of the holiday season — Can you believe it? Pokémon trainers can get ready for the festivities with this year’s Pokémon Center holiday collection, which is available to shop now. 

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The holiday collection is full of Pokémon-themed items, from accessories to home goods that will make any fan merry. While supplies last, each trainer that buys something from the collection will also get a Pokémon Winter Wonders Flat Brass Ornament. 

A highlight of the Pokémon Center holiday collection is the holiday-themed collectibles. The All Aboard the Delibird Holiday Express series is back with three new train pieces ($39.99 each) — the New Track to Holiday Fun, the Sweets & Treats Flatcar, and the Rolycoly Coal Car — to complete the 10-piece collection. Pokémon Center also put a twist on the Haunted Pokémon Village to include new holiday editions ($39.99 each), including the Snow Day, the Drampa Toy Shop, the Bounsweet & Steenee Bakery, and the Holiday Station Arrivals. 

The “Winter Wonders” home decor in this collection is a great way for trainers to add some fandom to their holiday decorations, including Pokémon-themed stockings, blankets, drinkware and so much more. A holiday meal with family wouldn’t be the same without the kitchenware, which offers everything trainers need to feed a family of four. The festive pieces include plates, salad bowls, Pikachu napkin rings, and more, all with wintery motifs.

Of course, a holiday collection wouldn’t be complete without holiday-themed knitwear. As usual, Pokémon Center has festive scarves, hats, gloves, and sweaters for Pokémon trainers to wear as they make their way through the regions catching ’em all. 

Pokémon Center still has a couple of holiday plush surprises up its sleeves for the season, but trainers can check out what’s been dropped so far at!